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New Year’s Eve 2006/07 we shared in our last private moment. The room was set and the bar had felt the first few drinks rested on it.  On that evening we took a breath, raised a glass with our closest, and smiled, not knowing what the next few days, weeks and months held for us.  We weren’t thinking of any of it.  New Year’s Eve was, for us, the last point in time together, without public or press or concern.

Ten years have since passed. Ten years of brilliant talent to grace our staff.  Ten years of wait lists and patient guests.  Ten years with the obligatory amount of flooding and fires, renovations and reupholstering. 

To commemorate the past decade and toast to the next, we’re excited to introduce our online retail and finally offer some of our favorite Death & Co items that our extended bar family can take home.   

Check back often as we’ll be adding to this initial collection through the holiday season and beyond!