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Please find our commitments to change and our core values below. We will be updating this page and sharing more as we continue to educate ourselves, evolve how we operate our businesses, and contribute to meaningful and lasting change in the hospitality community.

Ways in which we are committed to change

We will amplify and share resources.

We will actively seek out avenues for activism. 

We will donate to those who are leading change in the non-profit community, and we will learn from their practices. 

We will work to be a better, more thoughtful company by supporting minority-owned businesses. 

We will commit to better education ourselves, to shift from non-racism to anti-racism as a part of our trainings and our culture.

We will work alongside people of color to dismantle systemic racism in the restaurant industry and in our communities.

We will promote inclusiveness to ensure all guests and followers feel welcome and safe.

We will start having the conversations that make us uncomfortable. 

We will hold ourselves and others accountable for advancing change and progress.

When we can’t find the answers ourselves, we will listen.

Death & Co Core Values

Connection - We build relationships through intuition and empathy

Professionalism - We are ambassadors of the Death & Co brand, inside and outside our businesses

Always Be Knolling - We execute with focus and work to completion

Excellence - We will forever be chasing excellence; it is a pursuit without end

Contagious Joy - When we're having fun, it emanates out and influences our work and the people around us